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Elven World Blessing: True Compassion vs False Prophets

Blessings. May you find solace here, as I have, in the Elven World.–T.E. Pelton, Elven World Mythologies

Some time ago many of you Light Elven may have seen the crop circle of, I believe it was 2008, with a message for us. It was decoded: “Beware of False Prophets.”

Why you ask, would the Elven Ascended Masters, or by whatever name you may know our counterparts beyond this dimension, want to ensure we understand these words?

Because they do not want us to feel alone in the mire of pretense and those who call themselves prophets, yet do not abide by the truth they seek.

No woman or man on this Earth should have to experience loneliness, love-less-ness.  A prophet or holy man who allows loneliness or lovelessness in his or her presence is false.
No person, nor even an animal or plant of the smallest kind, should be treated this way.  Protect yourself, the Earth, animals and plants from unkindness whenever you possibly can.

No heart should have to accept the loneliness of life without love or kindness.

Like the Faery who come to us both as the blossoms of nature herself and as beings of such intense appreciation, those who love all things both great, but more importantly, but small are blessed already and send their blessing out to the world.

Let that be you.

We ask:

Give me the strength to pray for those who have been harmed by the wicked, the disillusioned and the unkind themselves who know not what they do.

Give me the strength to develop my Light Body in the human form to withstand these blows for the sake of my soul which is the soul of all-that-is.

Elven Blessing

Elven Blessing for all of us

How to live in the Physical World on Earth

Nothing happens without a reason

Everything passes

Everything grow in elation and connection with the divine

The Elven Way: How to Live With Humans: Growing

Blessings; May you feel the Elvensong within, dance to the rhythm of the sun and hear our voices who speak from your heart space. We are Tuatha de Danann, the children of Earth and the heavens.–T.E. Pelton

Without darkness, there is no light.

To see requires darkness to be present. To feel the contrast between darkness and light, is to be alive. When we choose experience, the flood of emotion will undoubtedly come. It is our consciousness that chooses to see that as divinely inspired; as growth, discovery and learning. Then we sing in harmony with Nature’s resonant sound.

When we are hurt by words and actions, when we are hurt by stupidity, cruelty and lack of compassion we are like the tree that has bent her branches down to allow the children to climb her most easily, who then feels the pain of being cut into and abandoned.

It is not possible for her to reach out and stay the hand that will cut her. The only way she could not feel is to be dead.

It is the tree who continues to grow in grace, who repairs her wounds, and who continues to provide shade, that is divine beauty. When you admire her, you are asking for her protection from harm. You are asking for harmony for all living things. You are asking for peace.

It is rarely possible to use the mind to comprehend the pain or even to discover the cause of it and stop it. But we can admire the divinity in it, we can admire the opportunity for life, for feeling itself. And we can anticipate joy. We know that unless the branch does fall, there is no joy in growing anew.

And we can feel admiration for the child who hurt us; knowing in compassion, that his wounds may be deeper than our own.

For those of us living the Elven Way, we know that life brings to us the vision of our own heart expressed in Nature.

The flight of birds, opening of a flower, the rushing stream, the falling leaves, the explosions of fire, birth of a seed and the death of those we hold dear. All of these expressions and many more are speaking to us are guiding us and teaching us. To this, we listen.

Thank you JP for your friendship and soft guidance.

Prayer For Ogma, Tuatha de Danann God of Eloquence and Humor

Blessings; May you feel the Elvensong within, dance to the rhythm of the sun and hear our voices who speak from your heartspace. We are Tuatha de Danann, the children of Earth and the heavens together. –T.E. Pelton

Ogma (pronounced OG-ma, sometimes spelled Ogme or Oghma) of the Tuatha de Danann, is known as the God of eloquence and language, scholars, education and writing. He is said to have invented the early Irish alphabet called Ogham.

Ogham served as the alphabet for ancient Celtic languages

Now, it is lesser known, although much more true in fact, that Ogma has a highly developed wit, commonly viewed as a ridiculous sense of humor and about which much has been kept secret–deep in the caverns of Tir na n’Og*. This is of course, because most humans tend to view their lives far too seriously. So when Ogma appears, they tend not to notice.

When composing “reasonable” literature, Ogme has an imposing stature with long blonde hair and deep resonant voice. But he prefers, and will be most often found transformed into a fool. He will harbor in certain trees and wild animals, although, of course, when humans do see him it is most often in the antics of their pets (tail chasing, and other slaphappy activities.)

Humans desire to keep Gods a sensible matter. So, if you are fortunate enough to be reading this, then you’ve been tipped off to the real secret of life: the Gods do appear in the most nonsensical places. Ogma has been known to cheer unrequited lovers and others in the form of cats who chase string, and the entertaining antics of dogs that fly upside down through your hallways and even wag their tails while sleeping. And yes, your favorite comics are absolutely blessed by Oghma.

We call upon you, Ogma, in whatever form you might well appear, to guide us to see the finer, and yet more preposterous side of life and ask that you will bless us on this day to laugh at ourselves, find the wacky, sappy and silly and bring it into our lives.

Laughter does not judge
Laughter waits for no man
No homage or expectation.
Coming from a place
Far beyond human’s limited dimension;
The bull who winks,
The tree who dances,
The dog knows well he is scratching his behind
For your more than an itch,
But for the chance
To transport us back to ourselves.
And to remember: life is a play
Played by us;
Where we learn love
Not as a sorrowful expression of inevitable sadness,
But to cherish the goofy dance we find ourselves making.
To remember we are the fools
Watching ourselves.

* Learn more about Tir na n’Og and the Elven Mythology in Elven World: Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom by T.E Locke. There you will discover Ogme as a brother to Lugh and lover of fiery BeChuille, the abundant Sister of Illusion. Follow ElvenWorld on Twitter, TE Locke on Facebook and enjoy Celtic mythology for the new world and her children – like you.

Elven World: How to Live With Humans Who Are Unkind

“Its hard to maintain my fresh, enthusiastic outlook when other people’s viewpoints are so negative and mean towards me”

“Its hard when other people yell at you and tell you that you’re crazy and live in a fantasy world.”

As the words fall from my lips I look back.  Wait a minute. Who’s judging who?

Because it is painful, I am judging.  Because it is not the way I enjoy experiencing life, I am judging. Because, essentially, “they” don’t agree with “me” and my way of life; Because they don’t talk to me or treat me the way I like to be treated.

And I’ve found myself saying “well ‘those people’  – the ones who steal, lie, betray my trust or have affairs, those are the ones who are going to have to live with what they have done to me or others.

Maybe they do and maybe they don’t. But who am I to say what is or should be the result of their thoughts or deeds?

As soon as you are assigning a label such as “wrong” or right” to someone, something or even some statement it can turn on you by way of making you unhappy, bringing you sorrow.

Often spoken of is Compassion and Unconditional Love of the Masters. We do not often use these words because they can be confusing:  You are a composite of your many lifetimes of experience and because you come into manifestation in this very moment for your own purpose of discovery –  you will feel.

And so this other person is also manifesting energy forms in his own way, for his own experience, for his own feelings, for his own discovery.

They are not perfect because perfect does not exist. And who would want it to?

Elven World: Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom.

Are you Elven?

Do you have magical blood running through your veins?

Regain your abilities. Travel with the Elven on a breathtaking adventure to restore the Elven kingdom on Earth. “A magical,  tale of the Bard set in modern Ireland, Oregon and other dimensions….”

Elven World Message: Oil Spill, Effective Micro-organisms

Blessings. May you feel the Elven Spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity from which all that appears to be, takes form.–T.E. Pelton, Elven World Mythologies

Here is the message sent to me from James, from EM Earth who provides effective biological organisms (enzymes) for use in cleaning waterways, pools, etc (mentioned in last post).

Please understand that he nor I are attempting to sound off as experts, I am simply tracing  for anyone who may be interested, my small experience trying to understand for myself, what can be done to help, where to put my efforts.  Thank you.

“Yes, the ‘rhodosuedomonas’ microbes contained in Effective Microorganisms do consume the

hydrocarbons in oil crude, which transforms the sludge into a benign fish food for natural remediation. Unfortunately, the very toxic dispersants being injected into the crude, Correctex, is preventing the naturally-occuring microbes in the sea from doing their handiwork of bio-remediation. This is just another example of “suppressive technologies” making a bad situation worse…I am reminded of Chief Seattle’s statement that “The Earth was not created to serve man. Man was created to serve the Earth”. We are intended to be the “caretakers” of this beautiful planet, rather than the “exploiters” of these delicate balances put in place by the Creator.

“When we learn to partner with the natural ecosystems, we are learning to partner with the wisdom of the Creator. A simple paradigm shift of “coprosperity” is needed in our relations with this paradise planet called “Earth”. Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All, James”

I am searching to discover more information on this., at least I can be informed, hopefully this is helpful in some way.

"Bird in Flight" Ernst Haas

Elven Message: Effective Biological Enzymes, Oil Spill

For those of you who read my last post: Elven Message; Oil Spill and Effective Biological Organisms or enzymes, I thought you might like to see some links to discover more about this subject.

Please understand, I am not an expert on this, although I would LOVE to know one.

Here goes:

Book By Richard Burns and Rich D. ENZYMES IN THE ENVIRONMENT

Microbial Biodegradation – Wikipedia

Effective Microorganisms (on a smaller scale, easier for layman to understand)

I am hoping to receive more information and contacts on this subject and to be of assistance in communicating about this technology to the world.

from, Nature Photos

Elven World: How to Live with Humans: Recycle and Take Care of Your Physical Body

Blessings. May you feel the Elven spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity and from which all that appears to be, takes form.–T.E. Pelton, Elven World Mythologies

As Elven, we shudder with the negative vibration every time we are forced to throw away a plastic bottle. These plastics are an endless stream of oil spills falling into our oceans rivers and across our land; an oil spill in our own homes and gardens, covered in bright colored packages so we are distracted from the deadness of the true vibration.

It is hard not to cry for the Earth each day. It is hard to even try to live in this world some times it is so cold and cruel in this way.  To see my friends, the animals and plants suffering from endless illness, pain and even deformity due to chemicals and lack of minerals in our water and our food, masked with an endless parade of wrong solutions.

By friends, please take care of yourselves first.  Make every day blessed with the best food you can grow or obtain. Feed yourself, your animals and plants with minerals and clean water, detoxify as much as you can in your environment and do everything possible to recycle in every way possible.

If you do not feel good energy physically, please look to your immediate environment first and search for environmental poisons and do everything possible to remove them.  It is true we can align ourselves spiritually but when we are being poisoned, it is a tremendous load to overcome.

If you can help by way of packaging products safely, creating safe environments architecturally and I can be of any assistance, please contact me directly.

Elven Song Blessing: How to Live with Humans: Mediation

Blessings. May you feel the Elven spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity and from which all that appears to be, takes form.

The unspeakable has spoken; this clear vibration asking us to come into alignment, to listen to the voices of our ancestors, to listen to the voices of our children; To hear the song of our family in the oceans and mountains and sky.

Meditation can help us to live with humans, to step away from the noise that consumes everyday life, to place blessings on those who request them, to feel the essence, the spring of life that flows through all.

Whatever method of mediation you choose does not matter.  Sit quietly where you are and close the eyes and breathe. Allow what comes through to be spoken whether by singing or feeling the soft breeze playing upon your hair or hearing the sounds around you.

If we can take the moments today to create a sacred place for mediation; no matter how small, it your desk, in your home, or out of doors, it will matter to the world at large, to cool the noise, soothe the cries, bring harmony.

There, your sacred  place is where you to connect to the higher vibrations and messages of solace, wisdom that is within and without.

When you meditate, hold your lips in a smile.  It will bring finer energy within and without.  When you mediate it brings harmony into the world; your light.

Thank you.

Here is a video on how to meditate if this is help to you  mediation video

Elven World: How to Live with Humans: Reflections

Blessings. May you feel the Elven spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity and from which all that appears to be, takes form.

Humans are strange creatures, indeed.

For example, it often appears that humans are base or mean or, most of all, insensitive. How else it can be that humans do not see their heavy foot upon the Earth, their foul breath into the air, and the sorrow from their cruel words or painful deeds?

If seems impossible that these things could be done without malice.

Even more so, when you see the angry faces stewing in frustration. What is happening to the heart of a human in that instance?

What is happening in the heart of a woman who leaves her lover for another? What goes on in the heart of one who cheats a friend? The child who bullies?  Or the man who rapes the Earth for money?

It seems each has the soul of a monster. So it seems, and so we may respond as if it is.

Except in that moment– all of our magic is twisted, in response. It pulls our power from us; weighs us down.

What if each picture before us were a reflection of our own fears? Our own heartbreak? Our own anger or frustration? What if these humans sing  the sound or song or tone that we feel inside? What then?

Could we then change the world from within, by our own song?

What if humans have put on a cover-up all these centuries? What if they are acting they are tough, firm and even cruel, when in fact they are pliable and able to bend to our whisper?

Well then, how did it all begin, you ask? It must be their fault. I did not ask for humans to blacken the Earth, the sea and to stop listening to the Earth’s own rhythm, or feeling their own soul’s connection.

Yet, that was not how it all began. And if you remember: it was we who walked away. It was we, who left the Earth and traveled to the dimensions beyond. It was we who looked upon them as lesser and unwise.

You do not say the eagle is unwise for plucking its own wings so they will grow back again, stronger. You do not blame and lion for killing the antelope. You do not hate the spider for its web. Instead, we see each as a expression of divine.

Perhaps when we open our hearts to humankind they will, one by one, fold within the palm of our love.

One by one we can see them as expressions, on some level, of the divine. See the divine in them, see their beauty, instead of ugliness.

What would happen then?

Elven blessings