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Elven Way : Joyfulness in Life’s Simplicity

Life is simple. It is waking each day with appreciation, sweeping your home, caring for your animals, growing your plants, washing, and working in your personal, chosen profession; a place where you feel competent, where you become more competent with each day. It is greeting your friends and conversations about the world’s phenomenon. It is honoring your parents, and helping them and so, so much learning, learning, learning! The world is so large and full, with so much to discover and more to admire. Life is doing all you can to care for your children and giving them the best life possible for the advancement of your name and our world at large.  And life is sleep, wherein we may experience intense solace, wisdom and connection with our Earth, the stars and dimensions beyond.  Each thought in this motion of a day, each moment of appreciation, listening, smile and conversations—this, is the whirling dance, the delicious taste, the passionate song that is life.

Elven: Blessing for Aine (Anya) Goddess of Love

Elven prayer to Aine the Goddess of Love–T.E. Pelton

Let you touch the crown

Of my children’s head

So they will grow strong

Your magic dust

Cover my lips

To attract my lover’s kiss

Stay the hand of he who fells the trees

Let him discover

A way he can work within your fair garden

Steady the hand

Of one who plants seed

Near his home and in the fields

Let the sound of your ecstasy

Fill the void to the corners of the Earth

Let the pink rose blossom

The fruit ripen on the tree

Ready for me to taste you

Feed the water of my soul’s delight

Be in every budding flower

Touch me with the wisdom

Of every morning’s dew

Oh come into my world

Fill me with the essence of your love

I will join you

In each budding flower

Lifting my face to the sunlight

Falling softly upon my sweet skin

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Elven World: Book Reviews

Are you Elven? Are you Fae? Do you have magical blood running through your veins?

Regain your abilities. Travel with the Elven on a breathtaking adventure to restore the Elven Kingdom on Earth in our modern age.

“Elven World is a tale of the bard, full of adventure, wisdom and beauty, that gives beyond a story – it expresses the essence of the Elven ways and tells the story of how we awaken, returning to the world today and our purpose.” – EL, California

“ Really a unique, adventurous book including many of the Irish Faerie gods/goddesses and a really relevant interesting story…..starts in the Hill of Tara with Tuatha de Danann (high court of the Irish Faeries) and moves to the Redwoods of Northern California and Portland Oregon. There’s romance, intrigue, and some great messages about environmentalism and faith/hope. Highly recommended- looking forward to the sequel!”  – SA, Florida

“I am a busy professional who seldom gets the pleasure of a good read. So when I get to read for pleasure, it has to be special. “Elven World” was special. It took me to a magical world with love, danger, adventure and intrigue. It almost felt real. Maybe it was!”  KI, AZ

“Delightful. I found that I know the names and attributes of the Tuatha and Fomorian much better than I did previously.” – JL, Colorado

“A romantic adventure,across time and space,  the tale follows genuine mythological characters as they battle their long-time enemies, the legendary, hideous Fomorians, and then learn that the real enemy is not who or what they thought! I won’t give away the surprise, but the true enemies turn out to be highly relevant to today’s concern with living a “green” lifestyle in harmony with the Earth.  It’s a great read.” – LD, California

“In Elven World, one enters a fast-paced story in which a bunch of ancient Celtic gods are transported to modern-day Portland, Oregon, in a quest to save the world.

A romantic adventure, the tale follows genuine mythological characters as they battle their long-time enemies, the legendary, hideous Formorians, and then learn that the real enemy is not who or what they thought! I won’t give away the surprise, but the true enemies turn out to be highly relevant to today’s concern with living a “green” lifestyle in harmony with the Earth.

It’s a great read. The intended audience is young adults, and it is definitely family-friendly. I am recommending it to a reading group as well as to my friends because I am sure they will love it.” – TP, California

“Beautiful, positive reminder how we are all connected! I read this book and realized a bit after why it appealed to me so much. Not only being a wonderful book with fantastic imagery, prolific characters and hope for our environment, it speaks to the inner child. You can find your self reminiscing about hopes, dreams, and possibilities. It reminds you in so many ways to focus on what matters, to be yourself, to shine, and above all to pay it forward. The story is simple and yet profound, a worthy read. It is a keeper! In a world that is starting to turn back to the spiritual, a world where books like “The Secret” and “The Four Agreements” are on the bestseller list it is apparent… we as a people are `looking’ for answers, light, hope, reason, our authentic selves.. and this book helped me remember who I am, I am a creature of light, of hope, of love, and part of this universe, and this world which we are sorely neglecting. If you are a crystal, indigo, HSP (highly sensitive person), pantheistic in nature at all, if you feel kin to the trees, the sky, animals, each other, if you can feel energy then this book will touch your spirit and be a reminder that you are not alone on the road less traveled. It inspired me so much to continue sharing what I learn on my journey to my perfected temple. It has let me know I am not alone in my endeavors to shine, and to know that we are all connected to each other, humans, animals, spiritual, all of us.. energy… What Haiti is going through right now, we too feel… and experience, one way or another! Five stars for this book that reminded me of who I am.” SS, Boston

Enjoy Elven World today!  Copies available from or write to the author, TE Locke for autographed first editions at

Elven World Goddess Aine: Goddess of Love

It is summer and time to celebrate Aine (prounced “Aan- ya”) the Tuatha de Danann Goddess of Love.

In Elven World, The Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom, Aine is the daughter of Lugh and his mortal lover. Her journey and blessing open the doors to freedom for the Tuatha de Danann on Earth in the present time.

Aine is also the heroine of the upcoming sequel, Elven World: Children of the New Earth.

Irish Mythology and Legend

In mythological legend Aine was the Goddess who created abundance for all that grows upon the Earth; she feeds not only our body, but our soul with loveliness.  She is goddess of prosperity, protector of women, animals and the environment, the essence of growth and source of the flower’s scent and grace.

It is said she would appear sometimes running magically as a red mare through the meadows at sunset. And she has appeared to many as “the lady of the lake.”

Many believe Aine assumed forms in Nature and took a number of mortal lovers, creating a magical race on Earth.

Needless to say, Aine is a Goddess whose intense beauty, femininity and sexuality was a threat to those who wished to wipe out the Celtic way of life.

In the time of cultural suppression Aine was transformed into “The Faery Queen” or “Queen of the Faeries.”

We know her most famously as Titiana in Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare.

She is celebrated on the Summer Solstice when torch lit processions may be held in her honor. She is praised in midsummer festivals in song and dance.

Our Blessing and Calling To the Goddess Aine

Touch the crown of my children’s head

So they will grow strong

Let your magic dust cover my lips

To attract my lover’s kiss

Stay the hand of he who would fell a tree

Let him discover instead, a way

He can work within

Your Faire garden

Steady the hand of one who plants seed

In his home, in the fields

Let the sound of your ecstasy fill the void

To the corners of the Earth

Let the pink rose blossom,

The fruit ripen on the tree

Ready for me to taste you

Feed the water of my soul’s delight

Join you in every budding flower

Awakening to the light

Touch me with the wisdom

Of each morning’s dew

Lift my face to the sun

Falling softly on my sweet skin

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Blessings from Elven World

Elvensong Blessing

“The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need men who can dream of things that never were.”
John Fitzgerald Kennedy

How the Elven Communicate: An Excerpt from “The Akashic Experience” by Ervin Laszlo

How to the Elven communicate with us? Is a question I am often asked. Elven World is an artistic expression of the answer, as well as Elven Blessings. But I thought you would be interested in the scientific explanation, from Ervin Laszlo who is a leading edge thinker of our day. His book, “The Akhasic Experience” is about the comic energy field that can transmit information to people without having to go through the senses. Experiments with the Akashic field are now validated and supported by evidence from most advanced sciences. These experiments show there is a cosmic memory field that contains all information – past, present and future. This field contains all thought that has ever been thought as well as all potential thought; all manifestation and potential manifestation. Many people are having connections to the “Akashic field” and making connections and experiencing them with greater frequency, particularly now as the human consciousness evolves rapidly.

The following is a very brief excerpt from “The Akashic Experience” by Ervin Laslo.

“Other people’s holograms can also be accessed, especially if they are physically related, as identical twins, or emotionally close, as lovers and friends. When the brain of one person enters into phase-conjugate resonance with the quantum hologram of another’s brain, he or she can intuit some elements or aspects of that person’s consciousness. (We should note that such intuitions do not necessarily reach conscious awareness: as with all elements of human experience, they can be ignored or repressed.)

“Experiments testify that several people can communicate through the Akashic field at the same time. When the brain of one person enters into space conjugate resonance with the brain of another, a subtle nonlocal form of mutation is created between them. This can’t embrace an entire group of people, creating what Bache calls the group mind. Then the members of the group may report the kind of experiences Bache as noted above: shared dreams, common hunches, related insights.

“Conscious intention can make spontaneous communication between individuals produce specific effects. For example, some natural healers heal from a distance by sending what they call “healing energy” to their patients. In these cases we can assume that the healer’s brain was able to enter a relation of quantum resonance with the brain and body of the healee.

“The effectiveness of remote healing has been analyzed in statistical studies involving hundreds of cases and has been established beyond reasonable doubt. In turn, the physical basis of the healing process has been tested by measuring the electrical activity of the brain of both healer and healee… the EEG waves appearing in the brain of the healer are reproduced with a delay of a few seconds in the brain of the healee. These patterns occur in the lower regions of the EEG spectrum: in the alpha or even the delta region since these regions show activity only in deep sleep or in hiding relaxed meditative states, it appears that the human brain enters into a phase-conjugate quantum resonance almost readily when it is in a deeply altered state.

“When two or more persons have a close rapport with each other, their brains resonate more often and more thoroughly. And parapsychology laboratories test subjects are often asked to interact before the experiment to create and empathetic connection with each other. Then one subject is subjected to some form of stimulation — exposed to flashes of light or too weak electric shocks — and the other is not. Yet the pattern of brain activity triggered by the stimulation shows up in the EEG not only of the stimulated subject but also of the other person, even when the latter is beyond the range of sensory contact. Love and profound good will increase the frequency and depth of the entanglement. Jointly entering deep meditation works well. In experiments conducted by Dr. Montecucco — experiments witnessed by this writer — 12 persons in deep meditation and without sensory contact achieved more than 90% synchronization of their EEG waves.

“Nonlocal communication has been tested by functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) as well. In a landmark experiment carried out by Jean Achterberg and colleagues in Hawaii, 11 healers chose persons with whom they felt an empathetic connection. Each recipient was placed in an MRI scanner isolated from sensory contact with the healer. The healers sent energy, prayer, or good intentions — so-called distance intentionality — at intervals that were random and unknown to the recipients. Significant differences were found between the “send” and “no send” (control) in the activity of the various parts of the recipients’ brain — namely in the anterior and middle cingulate areas, precuneus, and the frontal areas. The probability that this correlation between healer input and brain function would have come about purely by chance was calculated as one in 10,000.”

Excerpted from “The Akashic Experience” by Ervin Laszlo

Message from my Ancestors: In the Celtic Elven Tradition

The Elven Bless me while I sleep. And surrounding me are my immediate ancestors, watching over me, in the way of my people, in the Celtic tradition.

While I sleep they look down on me and comfort me. Holding me in a cradle almost of their celestial hands, my grandmother’s face nears mine for a kiss. Each night they protect and guide me and thank me for my eyes that give me eyes to see the flowers, the sky, the animals and the faces of those I love.

These are the angels that surrounds us in every moment. The light ones who are there always, who you can hear in the night when the veils between worlds are thin and who wish nothing of you except to care for you like a new born.

These are our ancestors who protect and defend us, silently love us, just as we keep our seedlings and allow them to grow. Here we are always safe, always cared for and infinitely loved.

Imagine that today our immediate ancestors are those who lived not so long ago; in times near when Count Basie played and the Empire State Building and Hoover’s Damn were built, these times not too far back in the memory of our modern culture. Looking farther back into the past not too long ago with covered wagons and barns lit with excitement of the music on Saturday nights and filled with mewing cats and mooing cows in the daytime.

Lifetimes of hardship and pain fade away like any other memory that is lost in a pool of suffering, only those memories worth remembering seem to stay. Memories of beautiful days looking out over the bright green meadow watching white horses, so bright and fast it seems as if they will take to flight, days when I caught the eyes of a man; eyes so blue they were crystals.

Yes, days when each moment is alive with light and sounds and color. These are the times worth remembering. And if you I look around, these days are here today. It is purely my perception that makes them so luscious and rich and free.

My ancestors tell me to be at peace: hold me and love me soothing away any worries and telling me I have their protection so I can simply be: see that they may see and taste as they may taste, touch as they will express their love and fill my lungs with air as they may feel the breath of living, the color of each flower tip.

Existing in a place of peace they are with me part of us and sending each of us forward to taste life’s adventure’s and yet never to feel alone.

Blessings on this day of April 14, 2010

Angus/Aengus: God of Love & Beauty

Spring is here and the best time to dream of Love and Romance. So this is the story of Aengus/Angus, the god of love and beauty and his lover, Caer.

Angus, (Celtic, English) Aengus in modern Irish/Gaelic, (pronounce “een-ghus”) is the god of love, beauty, and dreams.  The name Angus means “exceptional strength.” So we can imagine him with a physique and charm so mesmerizing as to make us dream of love.

“It has been said that Angus’ kisses turn to singing birds, and the music on his lyre draws all who hear it to his side.”Elven World: Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom

The story goes that Aengus was born in Ireland, NewGrange, County Meath near the river Boyne. There he lived with the Tuatha de Danann. The details of his life seem to change as the centuries have passed.  (That’s understandable since his story has been told for as long as 5,000 years.)  The kingdom of the Tuatha de Danann and its great gods and goddesses were thriving long before the great pyramids were built in Egypt.  This was before the Celts in Ireland, long before the coming of Saint Patrick or before any of us had heard of Catholicism let alone seen its stronghold in any part of Europe.

There are many stories of Aengus/Angus and his love affairs, some of which are rather grisly. But there is one that best shows the aspect of Angus as a healer in loving relationships.  Even today, many still call upon Aengus to enhance relationships and resolve lover’s quarrels. This is the story of Angus and Caer, one of the most beautiful and romantic stories of Irish Mythology.

Love Story of Aengus/Angus and Caer

Each night as he slept, Angus dreamt of a beautiful woman. She had creamy, fair skin, dark eyes, a long graceful neck and corn-colored hair that fell below her knees. In his dream, she beckoned to him, then she vanished.  Each night he dreamt of her and his love grew stronger, but each day, though he searched, he never found her. He grew weary and eventually he fell ill from the pain in his heart.

At last, Angus became too ill to search any longer.  But with the help of Tuatha de Danann Kings, after three years of searching the countryside, the lovely woman was found living beside a lake. The Kings sent a messenger to tell Angus to tell him where she lived.

Overcome with desire, Angus regained his spirit and rode at a great speed to reach her and declare his love. But when he finally arrived, he found she’d been put under a spell: she was bound to the flock of swan. She was transformed into a swan each day and a woman only at night.

It was then that Angus saw he could never be with her in his human form.  Only if he would transform with her, could he know her love fully.

So it came to be that Angus transformed himself into a swan by day and only a man at night, to be with Caer.  As a swan he saw the lake as it spread out before his eyes, glistening in the sunlight and reflecting the changing skies.  He held his lover very close and near his heart and they were together always.

Perhaps this is why we so often remember Aengus and Caer when we see the swan with this heart-shaped lovers embrace.

Legends of Aengus/Angus

As with every mythological hero, god or creature, the mythology is created as the story is told.  So you will find many versions of the tales of Aengus.  Most agree:

Around his head four tiny wren fly, each of whom may become a kiss.

It is said he carries dreams in his bag and may give you one at night while you sleep.

His story of love with Caer symbolizes the dedication of twin lovers, souls who are happiest when they are together.

About Elven World:  For thousands of years the Elven people have been bound to another dimension. In the battle for their freedom, they travel in time to arrive on Earth in our modern age. Follow their adventures and you will discover the mystical powers of the Elven that live within your heart.

TE Locke is a writer and lover of all things beautiful.  You can reach her at or on Facebook.