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Elven World Art; Blessing Inspired by Albert Metzler

Blessings. May you feel the Elven spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity and from which all that appears to be, takes form.–T.E. Pelton, Elven World Mythologies

“The Artist is the antennae of the race.” – Ezra Pound

These antennae are feeling forward without ceasing; reaching outward to capture and ingest the very essence of life’s dew upon the grass. We are, every one of us, Artists seeking to breathe in the infinite and shape our divine expression.

The Artist may bring forth to our attention a world of possibility that may not be yet, but that can be. In so doing, it is.

For the individual, Art can heal wounds no matter how deep. Broadly, Art can create a culture. More powerful than politics or media, stronger than any army, the voice of the Artist tears down walls, builds them anew and brings a place of peace.

Contemplate for one moment the artist Michelangelo and his choice to show us our own beauty reverberating in the hard stone of his sculpture.  This single perception of our magnificence and its expression has created unspeakable ripples, rivers and waterfalls of inspiration through countless hearts across countless lands and days.

Whether in painting, speaking, acting, singing, doing business, creating a household or the millions of ways we experience life in a day, the divine inspiration we bring to each moment, every action and every word is Art. It is deeply, profoundly blessed. It is indeed, an expression of the Nature Divine.

We honor and ask for blessing to all those who are seeking such expression; to all those who are touched by such expression in any way. We ask for You, the Artists, to sing and write and speak of those things you wish to be. We hope to remind you that which you create in your heart-mind, with your pen, your voice, is so, whether it has manifested in your vision yet, or not.

Each and every vibration that you sound, each beat of your angelic wings, each voice that is lifted in acknowledgement, praise and certainty is a voice that is reverberates throughout the Earth and beyond.

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Crystal Purity Divine Energy by Albert Metzler

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Elven, Druidry, Tuatha de Danann: Spiritual Inheritance

"The Mighty Oak Tree"

Druidry is a spiritual practice and tradition that focuses on harmony with and worship of Nature, respect for all beings and the environment.

“Each of us carries a physical, genetic inheritance and a non-physical, spiritual inheritance of the combined experience of our previous lives.   In the same way, a spiritual current, such as Druidry, has both physical transmissions of tradition and spiritual ones. If all books on Druidry and all its current practitioners were to be destroyed it would still survive to appear again in some form at some time and in some place.  Such things a materialist historian cannot understand. Psychologists and physicists might find it easier, with their knowledge of the workings of the collective unconscious and of such phenomenon as morphic resonance.  Things are never what they appear to be and communication can occur in non physical ways.

This understanding helps us to see that the Druid Tradition did not die with the coming of Christianity, but remained alive and has been transmitted through the centuries because Druidry, Druids and Druid practice are not simply physical.  One of the most striking proofs of this lies in the experiences isolated individuals have of receiving instruction from inner-place Druid teachers, who convey inspiration and practices which accord precisely with outer place Druid practice, even thought individuals concerned knew nothing of outer-plane Druidry. Each successive Chief of the Order has contributed material which he has received from inner-place contacts to the body of lore handed down to him. In this way, the tree of Druidry grows from within, nourished from a supra-physical source.”

Excerpted from “The Druid Tradition” © 1991 by Philip Carr-Gomm a wonderful source of information and resources on the subject.

Philip is Chief of the Order of the Bards, Ovates and Druids.

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