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Elven World Blessing: Message from the Hopi Masters

We join as a family across the globe to pray for our mother earth. Please pray with us. – T.E. Pelton, Author Elven World mythologies

Hopi Elders Call for Prayer for Japan and Our World

Blessings from the Elven Masters: March 9, 2011

Blessings; May you feel the Elven song within, hear the voice who speak from your heart-space. We are Tuatha de Danann, the children of Nature and the stars, the love that made all. –T.E. Pelton, author Elven World mythologies

The intensity of the Earth’s spinning is such a magnificent influence on our lives, there is no choice at this time but to attempt to communicate in words the unspeakable, to attempt to define the wave of physical and non physical in an eternal dance; the rapture of which poets sing.

The movement of the Earth mother is a living force expression not separate from ourselves.

Every pang upon the heart of your beloved is a pang upon your own heart, no matter how far away and no matter how small the beat. Birth and death come and flow within the river of all life where time is not; where past, present or future are not, where there is only an ocean of love-making between the physical and non physical worlds. This is why you feel deep passionate emotion for which there is no direct tangible or viewable source as humanity and animal kind suffers. Even as you feel the weight of these passions, know that in death we are all freed and that the only cause of fear is death.

Yes, you are being compelled to put aside your heart/mind to make sacred each day’s experience, allowing the magical, the miraculous to enter your life.  Throw wide the gates to heaven and put yourself into the hands of energies and meaning beyond the ability of merely five sense to comprehend.

We have no choice whether to see beauty in the eyes of humanity, passion in the volcanic explosion and the enlightenment of death.  We have no choice but to raise our eyes and feel the whispers of the bird in flight, and attune our bodies to the natural world from where we come and where we will return.

In a swirl of love that created all the cosmos and our Earth; Love that assumes form as desired and communicates not across space but as a listening from within, being one with the communicator, receiver and the message.

T.E. Locke, author of the Elven World mythologies, Elven World, Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom and author of this blog, can be reached by posting a response, or by visiting our community at

Nature: How 3 White Heron Grace The Elven

Blessings; May you feel the Elven song within, hear the voice who speak from your heart space. We are Tuatha de Danann, the children of Nature and the stars. –T.E. Pelton

A quick note to commemorate one of the most beautiful things I have seen lately, or even ever so far in my life:

On the morning of 1.11.11 I walked out by the river under the San Gabriel mountains where I saw 3 great white heron sitting at the top of the tree, taking in the expanse with their vivid curiosity and divine wisdom. They were so mesmerizing I stopped for a long while just to drink in their beauty. I felt the their golden light fill me with radiance, compassion; My heart opened. Ah, One is becoming a new person moment by moment.

Elven World Blessing: Lugh, The Shining One

Blessings. May you feel the Elven spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity and from which all that appears to be, takes form.–T.E. Pelton

We may call upon the Elven Gods and Goddesses, the Tuatha de Danann, Children of the Earth Mother, evolved souls. Today I call upon Lugh, the Shining One, for Courage, Discipline and Strength.

Lugh, The Shining One: God of Courage, Discipline, Strength

Strong and radiant, Lugh is the God of the Sun, master of all skills including carpentry, masonry, Druidry and poetry. He is a smith of precious metals and a doctor of healing.

There are many memorable ancient tales of Lugh and his adventures.  Then, of course, there is Elven World: Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom – the tale of Lugh returning to our Earth at this time.   He is the archetypal and quintessential hero of universal protection.

We call in Lugh’s Name for the gathering of forces: wind, fire, water and earth to bless upon us now, the characteristics of strength, discipline and courage.

I ask the universal forces to summon the power of the Great Spirit, Lugh, to my side in this moment and shed upon me his powerful light of courage, strength and discipline to guide me.

Lugh, I call upon your strength

Your powerful arms to lift me

From rejection

From grief that tries to swallow my heart

Lift me and let me fly with you

Soaring as we meet the Eagle, the Raven and the Hawk

Lugh, I call upon you for courage

To jump the wide canyon

With faith the wind will lift us

Courage to speak the words

That are forbidden–and yet necessary

Courage to give life to ideas

Knowing they are blessed

From a higher Source than myself.

I ask for your guidance in discipline

To know and follow the Way

To press out through the briars and thorns

Knowing I will reach the fine sweet meadow.

For dedicated Practice to hone my skills

To perfection

And Pride that I have done so.

Blessings .

Angus/Aengus: God of Love & Beauty

Spring is here and the best time to dream of Love and Romance. So this is the story of Aengus/Angus, the god of love and beauty and his lover, Caer.

Angus, (Celtic, English) Aengus in modern Irish/Gaelic, (pronounce “een-ghus”) is the god of love, beauty, and dreams.  The name Angus means “exceptional strength.” So we can imagine him with a physique and charm so mesmerizing as to make us dream of love.

“It has been said that Angus’ kisses turn to singing birds, and the music on his lyre draws all who hear it to his side.”Elven World: Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom

The story goes that Aengus was born in Ireland, NewGrange, County Meath near the river Boyne. There he lived with the Tuatha de Danann. The details of his life seem to change as the centuries have passed.  (That’s understandable since his story has been told for as long as 5,000 years.)  The kingdom of the Tuatha de Danann and its great gods and goddesses were thriving long before the great pyramids were built in Egypt.  This was before the Celts in Ireland, long before the coming of Saint Patrick or before any of us had heard of Catholicism let alone seen its stronghold in any part of Europe.

There are many stories of Aengus/Angus and his love affairs, some of which are rather grisly. But there is one that best shows the aspect of Angus as a healer in loving relationships.  Even today, many still call upon Aengus to enhance relationships and resolve lover’s quarrels. This is the story of Angus and Caer, one of the most beautiful and romantic stories of Irish Mythology.

Love Story of Aengus/Angus and Caer

Each night as he slept, Angus dreamt of a beautiful woman. She had creamy, fair skin, dark eyes, a long graceful neck and corn-colored hair that fell below her knees. In his dream, she beckoned to him, then she vanished.  Each night he dreamt of her and his love grew stronger, but each day, though he searched, he never found her. He grew weary and eventually he fell ill from the pain in his heart.

At last, Angus became too ill to search any longer.  But with the help of Tuatha de Danann Kings, after three years of searching the countryside, the lovely woman was found living beside a lake. The Kings sent a messenger to tell Angus to tell him where she lived.

Overcome with desire, Angus regained his spirit and rode at a great speed to reach her and declare his love. But when he finally arrived, he found she’d been put under a spell: she was bound to the flock of swan. She was transformed into a swan each day and a woman only at night.

It was then that Angus saw he could never be with her in his human form.  Only if he would transform with her, could he know her love fully.

So it came to be that Angus transformed himself into a swan by day and only a man at night, to be with Caer.  As a swan he saw the lake as it spread out before his eyes, glistening in the sunlight and reflecting the changing skies.  He held his lover very close and near his heart and they were together always.

Perhaps this is why we so often remember Aengus and Caer when we see the swan with this heart-shaped lovers embrace.

Legends of Aengus/Angus

As with every mythological hero, god or creature, the mythology is created as the story is told.  So you will find many versions of the tales of Aengus.  Most agree:

Around his head four tiny wren fly, each of whom may become a kiss.

It is said he carries dreams in his bag and may give you one at night while you sleep.

His story of love with Caer symbolizes the dedication of twin lovers, souls who are happiest when they are together.

About Elven World:  For thousands of years the Elven people have been bound to another dimension. In the battle for their freedom, they travel in time to arrive on Earth in our modern age. Follow their adventures and you will discover the mystical powers of the Elven that live within your heart.

TE Locke is a writer and lover of all things beautiful.  You can reach her at or on Facebook.

Elven, Crystal, Indigo and Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP)

Crystal, Indigo and Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) will  particularly enjoy “Elven World: Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom”.


Because as Elven we understand the depth of our relationship to Nature.

Because as Crystal, Indigo and HSP we embody the vibration that will restore harmony between humankind and Nature

Because we are an embodiment of the divine in human form.

Because we can easily and readily communicate across dimensional realities or beyond the third dimension into other realities.

Because we are far from being strange – we are connected to a higher reality and Because I receive guidance to say these words.

Because it can provide solace when we are out here on our own, not to feel lonely, different or strange, but instead ….

To feel welcome and brilliant and meaningful and proud to be here as ourselves in the fabric of life.