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Elven World: Legend of the Tuatha de Danann

Are you Elven? Are you Fae? Do you have magickal blood running through your veins?

So begins the poetic message that introduces a modern legend Elven World: Restoration of the Tuatha dé Danann Kingdom.

Irish Mythology
Tuatha dé Danann means “tribe or children of the Goddess Danu.” Danu is the Earth or Earth Goddess.

People of this race are also known as Elven or Fae.

It is known that the Tuatha dé Danann civilization flourished on Earth more than five thousand years ago. Ancient Irish legend tells the story: that upon arrival of the Milesian, the Tuatha dé Danann disappeared into another dimension with their magic. Entrances to the Other World appear in sacred sites such as Hill of Tara and Newgrange in Ireland.

Tuatha de Danann

The message of the Tuatha dé Danann is so strong it calls to us through the ages––with the belief that the Earth is sacred and the source of our magical power. Thousands around the world consider they are members of this illustrious tribe guiding us to find our harmonious place in the ecological system of the planet. Their voices bespeak our connection to our higher selves and teach us to develop our magical skills as spirits of Nature.

Return of the Elven to Our World Today

Elven World is continuation of the story that began so long ago, with the return of the Tuatha dé Danann to our world today. It is a legend that embraces multiple dimensions, where time travel is ordinary and where our place upon the Earth and in the cosmos is revered.

This story is expressed to youth of today in this first novel of a series called Elven World: Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom, a delightful, magical adventure of the Elven gods and goddesses. Full of adventure, romance and a sense of humor not often found in modern storytelling, it may appeal to young people who are searching for higher meaning in their lives. It will find its place among those who count themselves a crystal, indigo, highly sensitive, empaths and especially loving toward Nature Spirits, as well as those interested in Celtic lore.

Elven World is available at or by special order at your local bookstore. The author writes inspirational Elven Blessings upon request at the even social network or meet her on Twitter as “ElvenWorld”


Do you Have Elven Blood?

In the Elven legend lies

The secret truth behind your eyes

That magic flows through veins immortal

It’s you who are the godly portal

And so today you’ll hear the story

Of how it came to be

Your blood is blood of Elven Kings

Your spirit rides the sea…

Who are the Elven people?

Some scholars believe that the Elven people were once the advanced intellects and skilled magicians/scientists of Atlantis and that the diaspora (the move of race from one part of the globe to another) occurred when Atlantean floods sent millions off to various parts of the world to establish in new countries, including Ireland. This would signify their presence on Earth anywhere from 10-40,000 years ago, and in Ireland as late as about 5,000 years ago.

Other esoteric philosophers and visionaries have expressed that Elven people came from the Lemurian race, a race of light beings on the lost continent of Lemur. This would put the Elven people more than 50,000 years in the past on this planet. Still others hold to the most recent ideals that are taught in our history books, that the Elven and Fae are imaginary beings and the civilized world began merely a few thousand years ago.

Personally I would like to suggest that, as the legend tells of the Tuatha de Danann, the Elven people, live in an entirely parallel dimension in the present time, that they are calling to us and that many of us are children of the Goddess Danu, the Earth Goddess.

Whatever you believe, it is clear that millions of people feel a connection to the Elven race in some way or another, and that a greater understanding of our connection could bring us unprecedented wisdom along with a boundless love of Nature and the Earth itself.

Though Elven World, the Restoration of the Tuatha De Danann Kingdom is based around these ideas, it is purely a romance and adventure story for your pleasure. to read or purchase your own copy of Elven World to join the elven social network