Elven World Blessing; Thankfulness for all that is Light, Bright and New (in my eyes)

YES!!! I throw up my arms and call to the sky.

The past is not the present. I am here, now, living, loving, admiring with the eyes of the gods in that divine place between the heavens and the ardent, fiery center of the Earth.

I see the white heron rising from the bush and appreciate her breath, strength, majesty and sense of adventure.

I have vanquished the hideous; rendering the wicked unable because my sword of light is Love.

I am learning to wield its power with ever-greater depth and fortitude; polishing it to shine and protect.

I am joyful with a sense of belonging that comes from the best of humanity – that connection with friends who inspire and comfort in moments of quiet passion.

This is the Golden Light of my Fellows – You!

I have ended decades of suffering as enlightenment flows to me from within

I am willing to kill the façade of truth to let the true light in which is known by her goodness.

I am beyond the limit of my body, my name or personality or any boundaries of the third dimension, receiving guidance as Nature, as the Fae and Elven that imbue the inanimate with sparkling life energy and by every name which she is known. I who am One with all that is, was and will be, beyond time and space.

I am touched throughout in an infinite ocean of light.



T.E. Pelton (Tara)

Elven World Blessing: True Compassion vs False Prophets

Blessings. May you find solace here, as I have, in the Elven World.–T.E. Pelton, Elven World Mythologies

Some time ago many of you Light Elven may have seen the crop circle of, I believe it was 2008, with a message for us. It was decoded: “Beware of False Prophets.”

Why you ask, would the Elven Ascended Masters, or by whatever name you may know our counterparts beyond this dimension, want to ensure we understand these words?

Because they do not want us to feel alone in the mire of pretense and those who call themselves prophets, yet do not abide by the truth they seek.

No woman or man on this Earth should have to experience loneliness, love-less-ness.  A prophet or holy man who allows loneliness or lovelessness in his or her presence is false.
No person, nor even an animal or plant of the smallest kind, should be treated this way.  Protect yourself, the Earth, animals and plants from unkindness whenever you possibly can.

No heart should have to accept the loneliness of life without love or kindness.

Like the Faery who come to us both as the blossoms of nature herself and as beings of such intense appreciation, those who love all things both great, but more importantly, but small are blessed already and send their blessing out to the world.

Let that be you.

We ask:

Give me the strength to pray for those who have been harmed by the wicked, the disillusioned and the unkind themselves who know not what they do.

Give me the strength to develop my Light Body in the human form to withstand these blows for the sake of my soul which is the soul of all-that-is.

Elven World Blessing – Breathing Air, T.E. Pelton, Elven World Mythologies

If you are reading this, you are Tuatha de Danann, tribe of the goddess Danu. You are Elven, beings of Light, golden; children of the stars and Earth as One. – T.E. Pelton, Elven World Mythologies

We are living the legend of now.

Opening our hearts in this now. Radiant like the sun.

And breathing, taking it all in, refreshing it and then letting go of that breath.

Air is the unseen we all share, where we go when we are completely one with all life and death. Take it in. And let it go with the next breath. This is our rhythm of returning to source.

Contemplation of such things is the beauty of being here in human form

You are being asked to strengthen your connection to the Natural world at this time, to restore the connection to your heart space, feel at home beyond the four walls of this dimension.

We are beings of light, our magic is love, our appreciation is peace.

Know that the love you give is a drop that will soon be an ocean to heal our planet.

You are the children of the New World. You are legend. You are divine.

– T.E. Locke

Elven Light Workers.. Who are the Starseeds?

Divine “>

Elven Blessing

Elven Blessing for all of us

How to live in the Physical World on Earth

Nothing happens without a reason

Everything passes

Everything grow in elation and connection with the divine

Nature: How 3 White Heron Grace The Elven

Blessings; May you feel the Elven song within, hear the voice who speak from your heart space. We are Tuatha de Danann, the children of Nature and the stars. –T.E. Pelton

A quick note to commemorate one of the most beautiful things I have seen lately, or even ever so far in my life:

On the morning of 1.11.11 I walked out by the river under the San Gabriel mountains where I saw 3 great white heron sitting at the top of the tree, taking in the expanse with their vivid curiosity and divine wisdom. They were so mesmerizing I stopped for a long while just to drink in their beauty. I felt the their golden light fill me with radiance, compassion; My heart opened. Ah, One is becoming a new person moment by moment.

Elven Blessings – Bird Transformations

Blessings; May you feel the Elvensong within, dance to the rhythm of the sun and hear our voices who speak from your heart space. We are Tuatha de Danann, the children of Earth and the heavens. –T.E. Pelton

As you know there have been a number of reports of birds and fish transforming through death into the Otherworld.

If we can put aside the concept that death is a “bad” thing, and go beyond the 3rd dimension of illusion, we can begin to understand the occurrence. Death is a transformation, yes.

I do not believe the cause of these deaths were fireworks, nor known or discoverable 3rd dimensional causes. What comes to your mind on this subject?

Birds are a symbol of the supernatural link between heaven and earth. The cause could be related to a massive change in vibration – again not necessarily bad.

Fish have many symbolic meanings but do relate to faith, spirituality, abundance and Christ consciousness.

I will ask the Elven Ascended Masters for the meaning and pass along what I receive.

In the meanwhile, I would be interested to know what you think of this phenomenon. Please post your comment and let me know!

Blessings in Joy,
T.E. Locke

Blessings to Welcome to the New Year

Many blessings this new year. But new year’s day, wherever and however it is marked, is only one day turning. Time does not end with a day but transforms by our perception to a new life and a new way of being.

Doors are opening to the Otherworld. New dimensions are emerging from their cocoon; rivers are rushing to a place where the relationships are far beyond ourselves.

If we listen we will hear the message, the word, the opportunities – because we are not ever alone. In this year more and more will be revealed to us. What it will be I cannot say. I do know it will be a supreme and in fact, divine adventure in the living of it.

In each other we can see and appreciate the connection to Source/All that is/ and the Gods and Goddesses in every expression and form because the energy is everywhere. It is we who are awakening to what has been there all the time.

The light energy of you is the light I see.

Here’s to a wonderful year!

T.E. Locke

Elven World Blessings in Service

We are here to give service
Finding our way to grace
The right to serve is the highest awareness
As friendship dispels lonliness into peace

Let me be the embodiment of Love
Let me speak words that inspire
Let me sing a song of hope
Let me dance with passionate fire

Let me see the light that illuminates
Let me twirl as I carry that love
Let me know in each moment of giving
My exaltation rises as the dove

No matter which God, religion
or lack of belief
Whether you sing too shrilly or too loud
Every gift of appreciation
makes life complete in its resound

Elven, Tuatha de Danann, Where and How and Who are We?

Blessings; May you feel the Elvensong within, dance to the rhythm of the sun and hear our voices who speak from your heart space. We are Tuatha de Danann, the children of Earth and the heavens. –T. E. Pelton

Blessing for Dear SidheWillow,

You asked who are the Elven? Where are we? And how do you find us?

The Elven race has existed farther back in history than any of the stories you have heard. The Elven race is here on Earth today. When you read Elven World mythologies you will see the message and expression of the Elven in our presence.

In recent centuries the Elven have been regarded as tiny balls or shafts of light. And they are, in fact: those who live in the forces of Nature and in every reflection of Nature around you. This is why you can hear and see messages to you from the Otherworld in your perception of Nature: the bird in flight, the dog, the rabbit, the bear – each are telling you what you need to hear in that moment. The wind as it whispers through the grass and lights upon the petals of a flower in the woods: each of these are divine expressions of the Elven spirit.

You should know, however, that the Elven race has been present and their wisdom available to us here on Earth for much longer than the recent centuries in which they were expressed as tiny reminders of our magical selves. The Elven are in fact magnificent beings who have lived at various times in this dimension, and whose source is beyond this dimension in the Otherworld.

The tradition and legends of the Tuatha de Danann you may learn in Elven World, (the book). These legends are based on real beings than did exist on Earth and which you can study and find they had a home at one time which was high upon the hill of Tara in Ireland.

But the Elven race is even more profound in that they are indeed Masters. Humans have called them gods and goddesses, and though these terms are only labels as with any name, they are Masters. They have developed their wisdom and skills to a higher level, and know all their magic and skill can be learned. It is hoped that this wisdom will become manifest among the people of Earth.

You may wish to connect with the vibrational essence of each of the gods and goddesses who you can call by name and to which they will certainly respond. You can do this by any means of your desire, though I have written poems and blessing to help you in the name of each one you can enjoy at www.elvenworld.net. You should know the Elven come to our world in service. You should also know that they are your ancestors, whether traced directly or not because their wisdom is passed spiritually, telepathically and even deep within each cell of your body.

These beings, so to speak, are in fact archetypes or the aspects of your soul. Their stories are told to show you aspects of yourself and to help you through times of life and provide a connection for you to these great spirits who provide guidance and most of all, love; a love that is distinctly and only for you and is always present at any moment of your request.
If you can imagine a diamond, each of the gods and goddesses are facets you can view and admire of one magnificent whole. You can connect to the vibrational essence of each and in your focus upon this essence you will draw it unto yourself.

The Elven race exists in the past, future and present for there is no time except by our decision that time would be to hold us in place (so too many things don’t happen at once!). 😉 These beings absolutely exist in the present moment. However, they exist in dimensions beyond the third. They are Masters of illusion or the ability to guide and control the physical universe according to their wishes (magic). And yet as highly evolved beings, these are in no way using magic for egotistical ends. They will speak to you telepathically and you can know them because they are good. They speak only truth as you know it.

“Your blood is blood of Elven Kings…” – Elven World

Ask yourself if you are Elven and the answer you receive is the one.

Blessings in the heart space.