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Elven Blessing for Moonstone

Elven Blessing for this moment:

Moonstone's Ancient Elven Symbol

You are Light, You Are Love, You are Whole …

Sometimes in the sidewalk there is a little flower that peaks through. In the meadow they grow wild everywhere – these tiny pink and yellow flowers opening their faces, shedding their light.

Each word, your thoughts, your emotions ripple out into the world from your heart-space: electrically touching, leaving impressions.

You are a healer of the Earth, skies and the sun. Mankind is one part in this great interconnectedness of life. As you touch with your thought, so does the influence spread outward carrying the message; even if the thought cannot be seen, even if the sound cannot be heard by human eyes and ears.

We ask that you honor your ability and develop your skill. There are many ways to begin–listening for those things that resonate with you. A moment in each day to be in your sacred space and connect to your infinite source will guide you.

You are love, you are light, you are blessed.

Blessing for Sun Song

Sun Song’s Blessing

You are so very blessed Sun Song, how can we bless you more? We will try to put into words, a translation ….

Your Blessing is your gift that is your ability to uplift, enhance and make more beautiful all that is with in your sight.

We do understand the passion you feel, perhaps it feels like a hole in you which can never be filled no matter how much you give, how far you travel or how many friends you have.

What you may not know is that this feeling unlike many other feelings of life such as anger or pain, does not signify an emotion. It is an aching to be whole with your complete spiritual self, and can only be fulfilled by connecting with the source of all life and Nature. Even as we realize we are one with Nature and all that surrounds us, we are still individuals in our expression, such as our bodies, our unique dance and especially for you, your unique song.

In this position we are always vulnerable, always transparent and in a way, always lonely in that we are separate or distinct by the fact we have our own identity.

We can choose to feel this loneliness and consider our bodies as bondage — or we can recognize a higher state of mind that is above or separation which is a wholeness or oneness with all things and simultaneously relish in our beauty as beings that walk upon this Earth.

Like a blue bird or the ocean wave, you are here for a moment in time in your unique identity. What for? Just to taste the sky. That’s all there is and it is this experience of living every moment that we live for — the very passion of life itself.

We are between the Earth and Heaven. We stand consciously in this dimension flickering in and out from many dimensions. We choose to stand in this dimension and express ourselves here with song, dance and laughter. What else is there?

The aching you feel inside is not pain, Beloved, it is passion; Passion to fulfill each moment with the essence of yourself.

Meditate in Nature each day if you can and become more aware of your passion and your gift. It is natural that you move in and out of the dimensions as you sleep or in the day and you may relax with this and enjoy your dreams of flying or swimming and of music, they are no less real than what you see each day out your window.

You are a thought – life creator: your thoughts are energy which when condensed, creates things; all that you see is so. This is why your Art and your thoughts of intense beauty are such a gift. Not to a specific person, but to life itself.

You do not need to explain this to anyone. Or even worry they are not able to listen. Make your magical gift as fine as it can be, for it is your gift to your higher self, to the life source or rainbow light. Each gift makes it even more beautiful, just as your observance of the flower makes its colors more intense.

This is the way of the Light Elven. You are Elven. You are so very blessed.

You are one more expression of beauty in this world; like a rose, a mountaintop, the waterfall, the coo of a newborn child.

You are Oh, so very blessed Sun Song. What more can we do?

Given with love and light, July 1, 2009

Irish lake, sunny day

Irish lake, sunny day

Blessing for Lady Rivendale

There is no guidance that is not your own choice because your choices are all blessed, we are honoring your sense of choice. At the same time there are many here like you who have come at this time for the joy of living in this powerful time and for the journey of focusing together to balance with, for and within Earth energy. So you might say the importance of focusing energy through meditations, developing your skills of listening (psychic, it is sometimes called) not for speaking to the dead in particular but for development of focus oneness, harmony, joy within you and across to others. Your job is not to change others but to focus on the harmony that does exist, so it will grow. It is often thought that something has to be “done” about the “state of the world” when in fact the Earth knows as a wise being herself and you are part of Earth, her child. So by listening so to speak to the voice within calling you to feel peace, harmony bliss joy or by whatever name you call it, you are doing that for which you are here.

If there is some calling you feel is an expression of your love or any reason or excuse to express love, then by the same token, it is, it is your calling….

This is the way of the Elven, the way of listening to the divine harmony above and below to the East, West, North and South, within and without beyond and near — the song is the same here from your voice as is the song of the sun whirling in the heavens, Hear it open your voice to sing it So beautiful!
originally posted Nov 27, 2009

Children of the New Earth

Recently I have been researching the next book in the series “Children of the new Earth” So I have had take some time to enjoy children, talking with them, observing them and being with them. At first I thought that these new children will be so much different than myself, that they will not want to be friends and I will be relegated to the “adult” category. Having cared for children without both parents, I was used to being shunned as an adult. Anyway, as I traveled to Ireland and since I have been back home, I have been finding and meeting children, teens and young people that are becoming my friend in a more magical way, and our relationship is different too. It is as if we are finding each other energetically, greeting each other in wisdom and knowing we are on the same path. It is the same feeling we have with the people here at Elven World, who have all found their way here. Feel so blessed to know you all. Love and Light,
TE Locke
Originally posted Oct 10 2009 at

Elven Blessing for Pamir

Oh you beloved happy bear! We are so happy to meet you on this channel or web of experience. You are so full of joy it brings such pleasure to see you playing, struggling sometimes, working things out, making things go better because of you.

We want to tell you that the pressure you may be feeling, the sense of anxiousness or even light pressure, is natural for this time and place as you are located in this scheme of the cosmos, the earth’s magnetic forces and changes and other vibrations you are experiencing, are all very real and this is why you can feel them tangibly with your body.

We hope you can stand back and admire yourself as we do when we look through to see you in your life experience.

Your sense of humor is one of your many unique blessings and sense of lightness brings relief to your patients and all others you touch.

You, as with many at this time, are becoming more sensitive as you go through the changes of Now. The only answer for this is to acknowledge and honor it continue on your path which will be more clear as you progress.

If you are involved with computers… we ask you if you might continue in this area especially in your cartoons… drawings… or funny shows that bring laughter, smiles and some relief to your readers in the sense of release and relief in their brightness. Like a happy red balloon that wants to fly to the sky.

Thank you for your work to assist in Nature, we are listening each time you call, we are more beautiful each time you call our name,

Blessings! The Light Elven