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Prayer to Scota, Mistress of Illusion

Blessings; May you feel the Elvensong within, dance to the rhythm of the sun and hear our voices who speak from your heartspace. We are Tuatha de Danann, the children of Earth and the heavens together. –T.E. Pelton

Scota is one of the primary characters in Elven World: Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom where she is the lover of Angus, God of Music, and the sister of Lugh, the Shining One. She teaches magic to Aine, the

Modern Celtic scholars believe that Scota was the eponymous founder of Scotland. An Egyptian princess, daughter of a Pharaoh, Scota settled with her eight children and their families in what is now Scotland where she became known as Queen. Her grave is said to be in Tralee just South of County Kerry in Ireland.

In the Elven World mythologies, Scota is one of the Sisters of Illusion and she is a highly skilled master. Her distinguished and most celebrated power is the ability to turn anything from the negative to the positive. She knows that all we see before us in this Earthly dimension is illusion. She is able to mold, change and form energy bundles and streams into manifestations of light, perceived as reality.

I make my request of the Master to teach me; I call upon your name, knowing you will respond in kind regardless of barriers of time or space.

Scota I ask you to guide my soul in the way of seeing beyond time, beyond the physical into the world of light.

I ask you to teach me sight beyond the boundaries of space that was decided for me upon entry to this mortal world.

Teach me the way to harmony with all potential outcomes and wisdom to choose the manifestation that serves my soul’s expression.

Help me to live in my body as an articulation of this life’s purpose: to speak with a voice, kiss with lips, walk with radiance and dance with abandon.

Teach me to love with heart full open and be unafraid of death in any form, for it is only transformation.

Unfasten the doors that lead me to a world where I am music: of animals, plants, sky, sea and soil; Where I can lay in the streams and breathe the air through me with you as one elvensong.

Help us to love our planet and enhance her gifts.

Blessings. May you feel the Elven spirit within you, the magical infinite space of divinity and from which all that appears to be, takes form.

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Elven, Nature Spirits, Avatar and God

Why are the Elven or Nature Spirits so relevant in our world today?

What place is there in modern society for Irish Mythology, Druidism, a belief or understanding of the Faery, the Tuatha de Danann, or the study and practice of Magick?

Why is the Vatican protesting Avatar, a blockbuster movie about crushing the Na’vi Nature Cult? The Vatican’s reasoning is that Avatar places reverence for Nature on par with reverence for God.

If Nature isn’t God … if God isn’t snowflakes, sunsets and oceans…Are we actually living in the same universe?

Why is it that Pagans, Nature Lovers and Elven have to defend ourselves? Why is it Highly Sensitive People have a “disease”? Why are “Indigo” and “crystal children “spooky because they can read minds”?

Return to Shamanism

Probably because it’s different and that makes something exciting, weird and controversial enough to get on the news.

But the real reason is because the movement to return to our natural, more shamanistic human expression has grown tremendously. It is growing so fast it cannot be stopped this time.

This is our regaining of our ability to communicate directly with the Nature/nature goddess, to make magick within the web of all life directly from Thought. Some call it neo-Paganism, the return of the culture that was snapped away with the suppression of the Church hundreds of years ago. It is indeed.

But it is much, much more. And it comes without “justice” for those wrongdoings, without fear, without demanding reparations.

Clearing a Magickal Path to Bliss

It’s more than recovery from our crushed spirit by the insistence that God isn’t in Nature. It is more than ripping of divine Nature/the Goddess from all aspects of culture, destruction of the feminine and the magickal as midwives, herbalists and medicine women were burned at the stake and with them, their great wisdom of the natural world.

It is more than the end of the world.

It’s more than a protest to the “all hail the materialistic culture that raises machines and the rational mind to the level of religion” and disregard for harmony with Nature in nearly every form of business, industry and commerce as an integral aspect of “modern” cultural fiber. One that is expressed in our art as pieces of trash torn from any sense of aesthetic harmony and music so harsh its rhythms create heartbeats that kill.

It’s more then the fact that these elements put us into millenniums of dark ages separated from Nature’s divine proportions and harmony. If our technological advances can be attributed to this disconnection, there is at least one vibrant blessing in it. (Or they are the only form of creativity allowed in such a rigid scheme.)

Whether you agree with me as to this view of history of the past 2,500 years, it is still not even close to what is the real reason the Elven/magical Nature Spirits are so relevant today.

Not even close.

Elven Phenomenon

What is occurring now is not a protest, it is not a pendulum swing: it is not a response to seeing things go in one direction too far for too long. It is not war. It is not an argument to chatter or debate over, and it is not a threat. It is a phenomenon and one that is beyond the ability of a single- dimension-oriented mind to conceive.

It is a divine experience that we all share in this moment now. It is here opening to bless you, we ask that you approach unafraid.

It is the birth of something completely new.

It is the return of the Elven, the Nature Spirits, the vibration, resonance that has certainty in itself. You cannot turn away from the sound of its voice or ignore the message.

It is the birth of dimensions beyond the paper doll world of drawing the cosmos on a page or even expressing it in words. Like viewing the world as round instead of flat. It is a dimension beyond what you see with your eyes and vibration that cannot be understood in terms of what we currently consider human.

And yet it is human. Or what will be human in a very short time.

When we speak of the return of the Elven we are speaking of the entrance of new concepts, new ideas, new feelings, new vibrations that are higher, thinner, more pure, more beautiful, dimensions beyond the material world.

When we speak of the Elven and their children living among us, we are speaking of the concepts, beingness and way of life, influencing what we have now, bringing with it a return of harmony with the higher essence that is the Natural flow of things and sense of balance. And the restoration of the ability to operate at higher dimensions, travel in time and more that many still consider “magick”.

And when we speak of Gods, Goddesses and their expression in Nature, we are speaking of the divine in You.

Embrace us; we are Love.

And we are here to stay.

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Messages from the Elven Masters?

Knoll Down, England Crop Circle 2009 Photo by Steve Alexander

Perhaps in the crop circles are messages… and if so what are they? Perhaps there is guidance there…. May I ask if you are looking, to feel the message in your heart. Perhaps their beauty takes us a step beyond mathematics and science to the realm of the heart. Are these expressions of love from Elven ascended masters? Aren’t they expressions of love, hope and harmony? If the contemplation of them brings you joy, reverence for the exquisiteness of life, have they served their purpose?

Elven Path Earth Blessing, Greg Braden

Perhaps you will find the discoveries by Greg Braden of interest to you in your Elven path. Rather than explaining these myself, I urge you to look at the videos posted here and make your own further search from a scientist who is clearly a friend to us in like-minded thinking. His discoveries translate what you know at many levels into scientific terminology that you may find easier to communicate to others who speak in these terms. You will perhaps find some new information or validating information for your own ideas and creativity.

Most importantly I think these ideas open a way we can begin broader and more influential thoughts, which as you will see and hear, are essential to share among us during these times of Earth changes and with our brethren, the Nature Spirits.

Many of you have received blessings through me from the Elven, which as I have said, these are open to all (free, please email me). The blessings are focusing light and heart energy with you and the ascended Elven masters beyond this dimension, particularly as a reflection or expression of your own unique vibration. They are, like a prayer, or better said, like a song created just for you. Please feel free to guide those who will benefit from these personalized blessings to this place. Elven World (the book) itself contains such blessings given to the reader, each time it is read.

In the coming weeks and months I will organize times in which we, as a group, can extend our blessing out into the world, following some of the ideas Mr Braden has suggested. I will post these times when I will be focusing on specific thoughts of peace, beauty, gratitude and nature spirit concepts, blessings as guided by the ascended masters. I will post times on this site. It would be great if you can “tune in” so to speak, during these times.

However, I would also like to point out that the vibration or blessing, once ‘launched” or given, continues to exist in the ether or web of life, and so you will be able to locate this vibration at any time you are able (time travel you might say, to find us in the divine vibrational web). There is no special procedure other than focus, although any ritual or means by which you can create a sacred space to achieve this focus may be helpful.

This is a very palpable, real blessing we can give to the Earth. Your blessing within this vibrational field is — divine — I look forward to meeting you in these times.
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Children of the New Earth

Recently I have been researching the next book in the series “Children of the new Earth” So I have had take some time to enjoy children, talking with them, observing them and being with them. At first I thought that these new children will be so much different than myself, that they will not want to be friends and I will be relegated to the “adult” category. Having cared for children without both parents, I was used to being shunned as an adult. Anyway, as I traveled to Ireland and since I have been back home, I have been finding and meeting children, teens and young people that are becoming my friend in a more magical way, and our relationship is different too. It is as if we are finding each other energetically, greeting each other in wisdom and knowing we are on the same path. It is the same feeling we have with the people here at Elven World, who have all found their way here. Feel so blessed to know you all. Love and Light,
TE Locke
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Elven World, Hill of Tara

“He closed his eyes and felt his spirit soar. Tara’s sweet smelling grass lay beneath his feet. The cloudless sky seemed to wait for his action…” – Elven World

My return to Hill of Tara was breathtaking and passionate — more than I expected since, to many, it is just a hill and pastures for sheep. Yet I know, as you do, it is the seat of the Elven kings, home of Tuatha de Danann and the faery mounds.

The road to Tara off the main road from Dublin to Kells. When I stepped off the bus, excitement and wonder filled my heart. I trod up the long road up the hill that is lovingly nestled in between bright green pastures. The sky was grey with only a tiny spot of blue.

When at last I reached the top, I passed all signs and even the statue of Saint Patrick and rushed to stand atop this profoundly familiar place. The sky opened showing blue above with streams of light to welcome me at last. Tears of joy flowed and it was as if I’d finally come home, so I was surrounded by friends, though not of this dimension, but beyond.

Though all I read there and since of the archeology, of the stories, none of them compares with the truth. Someday the truth beneath the mound of Tara Hill will be revealed to you…
But that is another story….

Elven Blessing for Pamir

Oh you beloved happy bear! We are so happy to meet you on this channel or web of experience. You are so full of joy it brings such pleasure to see you playing, struggling sometimes, working things out, making things go better because of you.

We want to tell you that the pressure you may be feeling, the sense of anxiousness or even light pressure, is natural for this time and place as you are located in this scheme of the cosmos, the earth’s magnetic forces and changes and other vibrations you are experiencing, are all very real and this is why you can feel them tangibly with your body.

We hope you can stand back and admire yourself as we do when we look through to see you in your life experience.

Your sense of humor is one of your many unique blessings and sense of lightness brings relief to your patients and all others you touch.

You, as with many at this time, are becoming more sensitive as you go through the changes of Now. The only answer for this is to acknowledge and honor it continue on your path which will be more clear as you progress.

If you are involved with computers… we ask you if you might continue in this area especially in your cartoons… drawings… or funny shows that bring laughter, smiles and some relief to your readers in the sense of release and relief in their brightness. Like a happy red balloon that wants to fly to the sky.

Thank you for your work to assist in Nature, we are listening each time you call, we are more beautiful each time you call our name,

Blessings! The Light Elven

Save Tara Hill in Ireland, Our Last Chance is Right Now

Tara Hill is the spiritual capital of Ireland and is a major cultural and historical monument beloved by people all over the world.

Tara was a center of civilization seven thousand years ago. When you consider that the oldest Egyptian tomb is 5,000 years old, the magnitude of Tara’s historical significance can be understood.

In April, 2009 at Tara Hill, scientists unearthed a wooden monument of the size and magnitude of Stonehenge.

Tara Hill was the seat of the pre-Celtic civilization of the Tuatha de Danann. Millions of people in Ireland and in fact, all over the world, consider themselves descendents of the Tuatha de Danann, or “Children of the Goddess Danu.” Danu is the goddess of the Earth and after whom the river Danube was named, among other cultural significances.

Modern legend as told in Elven World: Restoration of the Tuatha De Danann Kingdom recently published by Rembrandt Press, continues the story that began in ancient legends about Tara Hill as the sacred dwelling place of the gods and the entrance to an Otherworld of the Faery and the Elven kingdom.

Many thousands from across the globe protest the construction of a new motorway through the Tara valley, which has placed this sacred place among the 100 most endangered heritage sites of the world. has nominated the Tara to be a World Heritage Site, but can only do so on the condition that the M3 Motorway is re-routed because the destruction of the cultural heritage due to the motorway breaches the World Heritage Convention Otherwise, the Tara Hill complex qualifies for World Heritage Status as a natural and cultural landscape of universal value due to its cultural significance and extent of surviving remains.

If we can have the site designated as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) World Heritage Status site, then changes would have to be made to re-route of the motorway which runs close to Tara Hill.

The vast majority of the Irish (70%) want the motorway to be re-routed away from the Hill. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights calls for governments to represent the people’s wishes

What Can You Do To Help Today?

1. Please go to and sign. Make a donation of any size if you can.
2. If you are on Twitter: Please tell your friends to sign the petition. Tweet about it as often as possible to as many people as possible with this hashtag: #SaveTaraHill
3. Join the Save Tara groups on Facebook.

4. Learn more about the Tuatha de Danann and the cultural heritage that is being revitalized through our poets, writers and artists. Here are some sites which may be of interest to you in that regard:

(Please let me know if there are more to add)

See the videos posted on this site, You Tube and at

Photos of Tara Hill photographed from the air by Anthony Murphy
copyright Anthony Murphy, 2000 courtesy of

Legend of the Tuatha de Danann, Children of the Goddess Danu, Part I

waterfallElven Legend: Tuatha de Danann, Children of the goddess Danu, Earth Mother
Children of the Earth goddess
Whose voices echo from ages past

Are you buried under heavy mounds
Of grass and stone?

Or do you live among us?

How may we learn your magic?

Tuatha dé Danann in Gaelic means “tribe or children of the Goddess Danu.” Danu is the Earth or Earth Goddess.

People of this race are Elven or Fae.

It is known that their civilization flourished on Earth thousands of years ago. Yet there is little written or archeological history with details about their lives.

Despite this, their belief system is so strong it calls to us through the ages from our ancestors––with the belief that the Earth is sacred and the source of our magical power. They guide us to find our harmonious place in the ecological system of the planet. Their voices bespeak our connection to our higher selves. They are teaching us to develop our magical skills as spirits of Nature. (To be continued….)

Why have the Elven returned today? Is there a message for us? Are you Elven?

Enjoy a presentation from the book ELVEN WORLD: Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom at

Message from the Elven, Restoration of the Tuatha de Danann Kingdom

leaf_1_bg_010503Our spiritual perception fills our eyes with beauty of Nature: abundant, flowing, infinite.

Our Love is light in our hearts that fulfills us. The Light spills out to others, who soon become our friends.

This magic is so powerful, it extends beyond our home, our glen or farm. It reaches out across the world as a voice in echo, resounding through the canyons.

With this voice we will mold a world to a design in harmony with Our Mother Earth, Father Sea and Sky.

We will now create buildings that make music with the rush of blood in our bodies and structures that are at peace with our surrounds. Where songsgentlyblow across the rooftops and echo in perfect proportion through sleeping rooms, coffee shops and brightly decorated storefronts. It will now dance in the colorful dresses worn proudly as our women pass along the streets and in kisses that pass from fathers totheirchildren.

Now we forgive our human selves for the violations of the Earth that have cut so deep and instead focus our higher selves; our mind and heart to create, enhance and use our bright intellect and power of Thought.  All is mind, all is our infinite creation, our choice.  In our hands is the whole complete power to create a newness – completely at our command.

The Elven, our ancestors, are now with us, within us, whose blood courses through our veins have asked that we find several things and that we talk about them, bring them to the awareness and possibility,makingthese solutions commonplace, with our words, and ideas.

First, methods to restore purity to our water. Specifically, a substance which when added to water will naturally clear it.

Next, methods to biodegrade plastics and all substances that can be done in our waste “islands.” Specifically a substance which when sprayed on plastics will dissolve them

Next, replacing all products that cannot biodegrade in a reasonable period, with those that can. Specifically, lists of all these, architects and engineers who create them, marketing and proposals to get them into use.

Next, buildings which are built of natural substances but moreover that enhance the lives of participants andenvironmentby virtue of their harmonious, mathematically proportioned structure. All such buildings are engineered and powered with natural resources such as wind, water and earth energy and sun energy.

Restoration of existing structures to conform with our new ideals.

All such methods and means exist within arms length. All that is required is reaching for them, examining them, respecting them, focusing on them for periods of time so they will manifest.

We ask that you find these, writeaboutthem, speak about them, focus on them with your imagination and feel in your heart how it feels in this moment when this life exists: where billowing winds lifting you now into this world where we act in harmony with Nature, both within and without us.

Listen: hear the sounds of the children playing, see them lifting flowers to their lips and building new worlds in their mind’s eye as they place tiny stones in their gardens. Hear women talking in soft voices and see their smiles and hair that crownstheir smoothfaces. Rejoice in the fullness of the air of pride in your breast as you breathe in the sounds of men planning; men who are wise, men who are building waterways, who are teaching their sons mathematical perfection.

All of this and more as you see it, is yours in this moment, now.

You will make this be and much more, in right mind, just as you envision.

Until we meet again.